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Hey Parents! It may only be October, but school (online or otherwise) will be over before you know it and soon you'll be packing the kids up to come to Camp Foley! While everyone is super excited right now, including us, a very common ailment that can strike campers when they least expect it is homesickness. It's a natural feeling, especially for our campers who are coming to camp for the first time.


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But is there a cure for homesickness? The short answer is no, but there are many methods for helping relieve some stress and fear that comes with coming to an overnight camp. Check out some tips on how to stop homesickness in its tracks...

  • Include your child in the planning process. Have your child describe the geographic location where they would like to go camping and what kind of activities they would like to participate in
  • Talk it out. Tell your child that while they might get homesick, you believe they can get through the sad feelings if they keep themselves busy, talk to their counselors, and try to make friends. Try to avoid spreading any feelings of sadness or anxiety you may be feeling over them going to camp
  • Create stamped envelopes addressed to home so your child can send you letters once a week updating you on how they are doing
  • Get excited with your child. Talk about all the activities that they will experience during camp and ask them which ones they are looking forward to the most
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Check out this article for more tips to prepare your child for camp. And at the end of the day remember that homesickness is completely normal, and actually a good sign! It means your child misses the happy safe home you created for them. They may not understand how important learning to be comfortable leaving home might help them in the long run, you can take comfort in knowing you are giving your child the tools to develop independence and confidence that will help them for the rest of their lives.