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Keep Camp Foley up-to-date on your life! The Alumni Update Form is something you can fill out whenever you move, get married or have a baby. We'd love to send you our Alumni Newsletter and keep you posted on all things Foley. We love knowing what our Foley Alums are up to, so go ahead and send us an emailCheck out Camp Foley Current Events to see who's up to what!

Revisit & Reconnect

Whether it's been five years or 50 years, the memories of being a Camp Foley camper or counselor live on in the hearts and minds of many alumni. Relive some of your memories here and reconnect to your Foley roots through our website. Revisit Foley's History, read the old Bugles (newsletters) or try making Soda Bread by following Camp Foley's recipe!

NOTE: Due to camp being closed for the summer of 2020 due to COVID-19, we have some additional announcements. Check out the "What's going on at Foley" page!


The Gold & Silver Paddles, Anchor Award and Hall of Fame are some of the most exciting recognitions a Foleyite can get. Check out the Gold & Silver Paddle page to see who has received Camp Foley's highest honor. Look over the list of peer-voted Anchor Award recipients to see some of Camp Foley's greatest leaders over the years. See who dedicated ten or more summers to Camp Foley and read an exert from their Bridge Crossing essay.

Give Back

Camp Foley Alums are some of our biggest supporters. We can't thank those of you enough that have joined Club Paradise or Donated to the Camp Foley Scholarship Fund in recent years. Club Paradise is our referral rewards program. The Scholarship Fund helps send children to camp that would otherwise not be able to attend due to the cost.


We're working on getting some of our archived photos back online. Check back soon to see some pictures dating back to the 20s!