Updated 11/11/20 

Message from Marie & Alli

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here at Foley with blue skies, sunshine, and snow glistening on all of the trees. Knowing that children need camp more than ever in 2021, we are deeply committed to planning a successful experience for our 2021 campers. Our campers are yearning to be at camp, to be out-of-doors doing their favorite activities, conversing and laughing with their peers without technology, and being independent of their families. We have heard from numerous families, that children are restless to be with their friends and peers and parents are  wanting smart and safe opportunities for their children.  Camp is the place where we can meet this need!  At Foley, our parents trust that we are attentive to the needs of their children while providing them with an opportunity to grow, develop grit, investigate and gain skills, and practice independence in a safe environment.  Parents and campers have high expectations for 2021 and we are working diligently in our planning to make camp magical.  Aren’t we all craving to be in a magical place at this very moment?  

Happenings at Foley

  1. Campers are committing to 2021 and it is exciting. There is limited space for girls 14 and older in 3rd Session and boys 14 and older in 2nd Session.  We even have some wonderful 7 year- old campers joining us in 2021.
  2. Health Center is under construction!  Mike is making a Giant Connect Four for gaming fun outside with a friend.
  3. Virtual “Pizza Parties” are being planned for our camp families for this winter including the shipping of the famous chocolate chip cookies to your home.  Opportunities for prizes, bonuses for getting a new family to “zoom” in and more!  We can’t wait to see your faces!

Camp is strong because of our Foley Family and we are truly grateful for all of your loving support.  Here are some gift ideas for the holiday season:

  1. Camp store items with gift ideas in - Holiday Shopping Ideas.                                .
  2. Buy Chaco gear Foley receives 25% of any sales.  These funds are going toward the construction of the Health Center. 
  3. Best ever is the gift of sending a child to camp!  Maybe camp could be a holiday gift and/or a birthday gift for your child or grandchild. Gift certificates are available, please contact us.

As always we are grateful for you spreading the word about Camp Foley to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other family members. 

Many blessings to you and your family at Thanksgiving ~ Marie and Alli

Health Center and COVID Recovery Fund – Goal approximately $150,000.00

Over the last couple years, we have realized that we have out grown our current health center and with the changing physical and mental health needs of our kids, had planned to break ground on a remodel right after camp in 2020. Well, the money we have tucked away is currently being used to keep people working, taking care of our grounds and other business needs. The new building would provide more privacy and isolation rooms (better for communicable diseases in the future like COVID-19), a better medication dispersal system and storage, and space to meet the mental, emotional and social health needs of our campers. We still feel strongly that this is a priority for the health and safety of our campers and staff as we look to reopening stronger in 2021. Donate here!

Project Update - November 11th, 2020: Designs are finalized and we have the building gutted and ready to go. The foundation has been built and the walls have been framed in. Full on construction will continue next week when we receive the truss' for the roof and they take shingles off the existing piece of roof.

IMG 5049  HC 3   HC

If you are looking for a way to support camp this summer, and have the financial means to do so, this would be the best way to contribute. Donations would not be tax deductible but greatly appreciated.

Help strengthen Foley for the Future!

You can send checks made out to Camp Foley to:
9303 Father Foley Dr
Pine River, MN 56474

Or Donate Online Here!

The Foley Museum and History - New History Discoveries

How are we making new historical discoveries?  Of course, it is digging in the attic, going through boxes of unmarked photos and memorabilia AND it is from our alumni!  We are gathering Foley photos, memorabilia, awards and honors, apparel and your memories and stories!  You can send us written memories and we can call you. 

Stories – Written or Call and Tell us!

King Neptune Story ’50,’51

The staff would bring all of the campers to the bank overlooking Whitefish Lake to welcome the “god of the sea”.  As they chanted King Neptune would emerge from the water covered in sea weed and a trident in his hand.   Story told to Marie by Bill Klett, Staff ’50, ‘51

The Building of the Chapel

A relative of Henry Rude as a boy was helping to haul rock for the chapel by mule up the big hill approaching camp when the mule collapsed and sadly died.  Marie has plans to have coffee with the couple to get more information.  

Chapel_3.jpg   Chapel_5.JPG

A Worm Corral Photo, ‘54

Who would have thought!  Can you guess where this was located?


History_Camper_of_the_60s.jpgA Camper Photo that Makes One Smile, ‘62

George Battis, a younger camper from cabin Yakama with a bright smile, an awesome hat, a lanyard made at Crafts and the red ribbon around his neck (no longer done at Foley) indicating that he did not pass his Swim Test and a traditional Foley shirt! 




Ongoing History Projects

Foley Hall Museum

Being a historian is time consuming!  Our museum has a layout plan thanks to Sarah M.  Space has been designated for the following:  Welcome Panel, Father Foley Era & Camp Chapel, Schmid Era, Food at Foley, “Living Room” (space to browse pictures, watch old camp movies, chat about memories), Activities, Recognition and Achievement, Ceiling Displays (including the Foley Apparel Quilt) and more!


TshirtQuilt.jpgFoley Apparel Quilt

It has been so fun gathering Foley Gear from our alumni.  Thank you for all of you who have donated!  We have some items that we are hoping to display as we could not cut them. The quilt squares are ready to be sewn together. We are pretty confident we have found most of the designs over the years but if you think you have one that is rare, send us a picture, we would love to double check.


Awards, Honors and Memorabilia 

Over Foley’s history, there have been various awards and honors given to our campers.  We have been gathering the actual patches, medals, and ribbons along with the criteria to display in our museum.  We are looking for items from 1924 – 1950 for sure and will be seeking specific items when we return to this project. We would love to collect all sorts of items. If you have anything you wouldn't mind either donating or lending to us, it would be great! Below left: Foley Jacket with Award patches sewn on from the 60's and bucket cap - on loan from the Krebsbach Family. Below middle: Awards and camper guide from the 80's - on loan from Lisa Richardson Munkeby. Below Right: A letter and patch from The Mahoney Family

 Awards_Krebsbach_3.jpg   Awards_Munkeby.jpg   Awards_Mahoney.jpg

Send pictures, stories, letters that you sent home to your parents or any other Foley memories to: fun@campfoley.com or 9303 Father Foley Drive, Pine River, MN  56474.

Chaco Partnership Untitled 1

The great people at Chaco have an amazing program going right now to help summer camps. If you follow our Foley specific link, 25% of the proceeds from your order will go directly to Camp Foley. It is simple. Just follow this link and shop!** Below, Nike the Camp Dog models her new Chaco Collar and Krista Strobel uses her new Chaco sandals in the Boundary waters. Did you make a purchase to benefit camp? Send us a picture!

Chaco_Nike.JPG   Chaco_Krista.jpg  

Camp Moves Me 2020

We had a great year of Camp Moves Me, with 8 participants raising over $13,000. Thank you so much to everyone that ran, biked, did yoga, studied, spent time in nature, hiked and did push ups and sit ups to raise money for the scholarship program!  You can still donate! Find out more here!

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