End of Session Celebration: Alpha Games

     In 2019 we shook up our last day of programming by introducing a new color wars-style event, Alpha Games. First, each camper was assigned to a team. To reveal their team colors, campers were surprised late one evening in their cabins and brAlphaGames18ought down to the center of camp to have the Eggs of Fate (eggs filled with colored powder, see right) determine whether they would join the Red Moose, Blue Porcupines, Green Bears or Yellow Badgers. Events ran over several days as teams worked together to build boats, create team cheers and a team flag. The day of the main event, teams gathered at the Large Field and the Barn for “Minute to Win It” activities, tug of war, relays, counselor events, scavenger hunts and a color-throwing war that left campers and counselors covered in multi-colored powder. The culminating event of 2019 was our Cardboard and Milk Jug Boat Regatta right on Whitefish Lake! We tested craftmanship, teamwork and creativity to see which team would become Alpha of their session.
     After the busy morning, campers and staff enjoyed an Alpha Feast. We had a variety of sliders, and mac and cheese bites made their debut. For dessert we served a delicious Oreo, yogurt and strawberry treat. By the afternoon our Alphas were crowned by the Orange Team Judges. Our Alphas were as follows: Red (1st session), Yellow (2nd session), Red (3rd session) and Blue (4th session). Watch the Alpha Game highlight from this past summer on YouTube!

2021 will have a brand new Alpha Games including an epic game of all camp capture the flag that will take place throughout all of camp! Returning campers will join the same team (bring some clothes in your color) as they did in 2019 with new campers being given their team during a special ceremony at camp.

4th of July

Due to the camp dates, no campers will be in camp to celebrate the 4th of July in 2021 but we hope to continue the camp 4th of July traditions on the 1st of July! 1st session campers should be sure to pack something festive in red, white, and blue!

EFB 4th of July 2018


5K Races

Once again, Foley campers will have the opportunity to run in local 5K races for various causes in 2021. Check back for updates on whether a 5K race is happening during your session and for details on how to sign up. 

Your parents will be sent an email with information on how to register, two weeks before you leave for camp. If you don't think they've gotten the email or if you have questions just let us know by sending an email

Musky Run 2

Check out the Packing List & Dress Code to help pack yourself for camp! Remember to label everything, to bring all the required items and to leave some stuff at home.

Join the Club! Club Paradise is Camp Foley’s referral rewards program. Refer new families to camp to receive camp credit and to attend a Root Beer Float Party at camp.