Become a Leader

Which Program is Right for You?

  Grade in Fall Prerequisite Tuition Discount
LIT 1 9th+ None None

Focus: Leading peers, mentoring younger campers, strengthening skills in personal leadership style.

Returning LIT 10th+ Successful completion of 2-weeks as an LIT 1 None
Focus: Building on LIT1 skills + small group control, program planning for younger campers and peers.
Activity Apprentice 11th or 12th None None
Focus: Learning the skills in one activity area to be a solid instructor in the future. Each activity will have 1 hour of behind the scenes learning, and two hours of instruction with younger campers.
CIT 11th or 12th Successful completion of 2-weeks as an LIT None
Focus: Building relationships outside your age group. Working with younger campers, learning cabin dynamics, assisting an activity. Opening Campfire for 2nd or 4th session. Assigned a Fox/Coyote brother/sister cabin.
Dishwasher 14 to 17-years-old None $20/time discount
Focus: Learning a strong work ethic, working with a partner. Dishes are done 9 or 18 times* per 3-week session.
Octo Internship** 12th or Entering 1st of College Successful completion of CIT Program or 2 wks of LIT Program, Dishwashing experience preferred. No tuition, unpaid
Focus: Work in Kitchen 5-6 hour per day, live in a cabin, assist at activities, assist where needed for betterment of camp. Some camper privileges and some counselor privileges.

*There are limitations to the number of times LITs and CITs may dish wash throughout a session due to their added responsibilities. Email Alli with questions.
**The Octo Internship is by invite only. Email Alli with questions.

Using Your Leadership Skills

The Camp Foley Leadership Program instills leadership skills that can be used not just at camp, but at school, on the job and in your personal life. LITs and CITs gain skills like organization, planning, creativity, presenting, teamwork, observation and more. The skills you gain in the Leadership Program can be used in a variety of places outside camp. Past LITs and CITs have used their Camp Foley Leadership Program experience when applying to National Honors Society, to college, for school honors programs and for jobs. You can use your Foley leadership experience for service hours and on your resume. 

Need a Reference?

Whether it is a letter, form or just our contact information that you need, we are always willing to help! Send Alli an email with the details. (What the reference is for, what you need, when you need it by, etc.)

Check out the Packing List & Dress Code to help pack yourself for camp! Remember to label everything, to bring all the required items and to leave some stuff at home.

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