Inside the Parent Guide

The Parent Guide is a great place to find the answers to questions you may have about camp. It's split into three sections that we find are most helpful to new and returning Foley Families. We recommend that every parent read the parent guide before their child leaves for camp. Of course, if you still have questions after reading the parent guide please email or call (218) 543-6161.


In this section of the Parent Guide, learn when and how your camper will communicate with you and how you can communicate with your camper. There are times that our counselors will send you mail regarding your camper as well.


Parents will be given access to our email system to send emails to their camper. An email will be sent to you prior to your camper's session with instructions. Of course let us know if you are having trouble or do not receive this email.

As always, family and friends can send mail the old fashioned way!

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Health & Safety

Your camper's health and safety is not only your number one priority, it's ours as well. In this section of the Parent Guide, you can learn about the meals offered at camp and how Foley handles special diets and food allergies. This section also covers how Camp Foley handles health care and safety.

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Additional Information

In this section of the Parent Guide, we aim to answer any other question you may have about Camp Foley. Learn how our camp handles everything from birthdays to homesickness, spirituality to social media and cabin placement to community living.

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International Families

Here you'll find some information specific to international travel and communication. Plus a few other things that only apply to our international campers.

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Tips for New Families

We understand that sending your child to camp for the first time can cause some anxiety! In this section of the Parent Guide we provide information to get parents and campers ready for their first summer at Foley. In addition, once a new family registers for camp, either a Director or Assistant Director will make a home visit simply to say hi, meet the family and welcome you to Camp! The visit isn't meant to be long, but rather a time to connect to continue to build the relationship with your family.

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