Is the bus trip part of the camp experience?

The three-hour bus is part of the Foley experience complete with counselors, friends and food! It is highly recommended for new campers to come to camp by bus as part of their introduction to Foley. Each bus trip is a mixture of making and/or visiting with friends, watching DVDs and singing camp songs. Food and beverages are provided.

Does my camper need money for travel?

Absolutely no money is needed once a camper is on a bus. At the airport, campers do enjoy purchasing a treat or that favorite fast food item. Optional would be to give them $15.00 to $20.00 for these expenses. Campers flying may need money for baggage if responsible for returning fees.

When is the best time for us to see camp, arrival day or departure day?

We prefer campers are picked up over being dropped off at camp. This is when they are eager to share memories, tour camp, and take you to the camp store. On Arrival Day, campers are beginning their adjustment to camp and meeting new friends. Skills begin with the independence of making their own bed and unpacking with their counselor’s assistance if needed.

Why do International Campers arrive a day early? What time do International Campers arrive?

First, it is impossible for our international campers to arrive into Minneapolis before 9:30 am CST on arrival day. Coming in the night before, allows for adjustment to the time and sleep loss due to travel, adjust to the language and allows them to settle into camp ahead of our American campers. This is a terrific start to their camp experience! Arriving before 5 pm CST, allows them to catch the bus to camp and sleep in camp that evening. Arriving after 5 pm they may need to stay with camp staff at a hotel near the airport and then catch the bus up the next day with the children from the United States. Visiting the Mall of America is not part of the Foley experience.

Why do many parents choose Southwest Airlines for domestic travel?

Fares are competitive, especially when one can check two free bags, and their UM policy is not stringent. “Children ages 5 through 11 traveling without an accompanying passenger age 12 or older must travel as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) on Southwest Airlines.” And there are many direct flights from major cities like Chicago (Midway) where parents put them on the plane and Foley staff meet them, saving them the UM fees.

Does camp use an optional Travel Agency?

Parents are welcome to arrange their own flights; however, we do work with Sonni Banks at Travel One who can be contacted at: 1-800-247-1311 or Even if you do not use the agency we urge you to check out Travel One’s suggested flights as other kids from camp may be on the listed flights.

Forms and Information Travel One:
Suggested Flights - will be updated soon!
Important Information
Parent Letter
Reservation Form
Unaccompanied Minor Requirements
Unaccompanied Minor Letter

Do campers fly as Unaccompanied Minors (UM)?

Most major airlines require children under 15 years of age, who are traveling alone, to pay for Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service. We will email you the name of who is meeting your child at the gate when arriving into Minneapolis- St Paul International Airport (MSP) 24 hours prior to camper’s departing flight. For the return trip, please provide the full name(s), address and phone number for the person who will meet your camper at the airport. Camp Foley is not responsible for your camper once he/she boards the plane. Most major airlines will not allow Unaccompanied Minors to be booked on the final flight of the day to their destination city, including connections. We strongly encourage international campers to fly UM to help with customs and transferring planes.

How do I know that my camper has been met by someone at the MSP Airport?

Once met, campers are instructed to call home if they have their own cell phone. If not, Foley staff will assist campers in calling home on their cell phones and/or will email parents (more likely if travelling internationally due to fees and time zone differences.) Please allow up to two hours after the expected arrival time for the email to be sent.

Hint: We suggest that international campers carry an international cellphone when they travel or a device that they can use to connect to Wi-Fi to contact parents that way. Please make sure that they know how to use it and what phone numbers to call. Foley will provide a device for them to contact parents through Wi-Fi.


How does Camp Foley assist my camper at the airport?

On Arrival Day, counselors meet campers at gate if a domestic flight, if going through customs in Minneapolis, directly outside of this area. Following, campers or staff communicate with parents, gather baggage, and hang out at the airport until everyone has arrived. Staff board the designated bus with the campers. When departing, counselors assist campers with checking in for their flights, including baggage, supervise and see them through security to their gates. Staff wait in the area until the flight departs.

Who is responsible for additional fees like UM and baggage?

Parents are! Any fees that Foley incurs in getting your child boarded on a flight is the responsibility of the parents. If you are expecting your camper to pay for return baggage, please send cash for this expense.

What do you need from me if I can’t pick up my camper at camp or at the bus? Do I have to sign my child out of camp?

Verbal or written communication must be received into the Camp Foley Office from the legal parent or guardian prior to a minor being released to a person other than his or her legal guardian. Signatures are required before releasing a child at the bus or from camp. It is understood that the flight arranged by a parent is the release.

My camper missed the flight or my car broke down, now what?

For unforeseen circumstances as a flight is missed or canceled or you are running late, it is very important that you call camp so we can notify the appropriate staff and work with you in making alternative arrangements. Please email or call (218) 543-6161 as soon as possible. On Departure Day, parents are notified ASAP of any flight changes occur or if buses are delayed significantly.

Do you verify absentee campers? How do I know my camper made it to camp on the bus?

The attendance of all campers is verified whether arriving by car, boarding the bus at OLG or arriving at the airport. Immediately parents are called if a camper does not show up as arranged. Camper safety and whereabouts is our primary concern and any absentee campers would be of first priority. Our goal is to send an email confirmation out to the parents within 30 minutes of their child’s bus arrival into camp.

What happens after my camper arrives at camp?

Learn what happens during our Arrival Day Celebration!


Login to your Camp Foley account to fill out the Travel and Health Forms. If your child has specific medical needs please check here for additional forms. Email or call (218) 543-6161 if you have questions. 

Camp Foley will reach out to you via email if you have not yet completed a necessary form. 


The Parent Guide is the #1 resource for new and returning Foley Families.

It can answer your questions regarding Communication and Health & Safety. It also provides you information on Cabin Placement, the Camp Store, Homesickness, Community Living, Visiting Camp, etc.