This is a challenging, yet very rewarding job.

It is a 24-hour job working with kids!  Be prepared to:

  • Be surrounded by kids... in your sleep, while you eat, while you work, while you play!
  • Put kids first, give kids choices, help kids become leaders, and develop positive relationships with kids!
  • Follow a code of living and be a positive role model all the time... use positive language, smile, set a good example, greet people, engage in conversation, be inclusive, and give 110% of yourself all the time.

It is community living!  Be prepared to:

  • Have limited personal storage space, limited food choices, and limited time to communicate with family and friends... this is not like college, with a large cafeteria or unlimited access to phone and email!
  • Sleep with up to 12 other people in one room...complete with noises, snoring, tossing in one's sleep, and grinding teeth!
  • Share a bathroom facility with up to 80 other people...expect to wait in line and enjoy at least one cold shower!
  • Support all camp rules and policies willingly, even if you may not agree with them at the moment.

It is CAMP!  Be prepared to:

  • See some beautiful sunsets... while dealing with lots of ticks and mosquitoes!
  • Make some friends that will last a lifetime ... while smelling of sweat and coated with dirt!
  • See kids smiling ... while being drained of all physical and emotional energy!
  • Have new personal experiences ... while at times feeling uneasy or out of your element!

Not Everyone Wants To....

  • Have a job that will affect their life forever
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Become a part of an amazing team
  • Make a difference in the life of a child.

This is a challenging, yet very rewarding job.

Are YOU up for the challenge?  Is this the JOB you want?