What are the dates for 2021?

June 2-August 16. There are opportunities to work before and after camp as well. Just ask. The dates listed are tentative.

Where is Camp Foley Located?

Whitefish Lake in North Central Minnesota about 170 miles northwest of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Near Crosslake, MN.

Tell me more about the Campers at Foley?

# of campers - 130, aged 8-17
Length of Sessions - 3 weeks (three 3-week sessions)
Where they are from - All over the USA and many foreign countries.
Year after year - many kids return year after year to Foley, so as a staff member you have the ability to continue that relationship with them if you work more than one summer.

Tell me more about the Counselors at Foley?

Age range - 19 to 25
# of Counselors - 40-45
Where they are from - All over the USA and many foreign countries.

What type of compensation do we get for working at Foley?

*Estimates for staff from the United States. International applicants please email Alli.

Salary - base salary starts at $2925 for first year staff.
Completion of 3 years of college or military experience - $100
College Degree (BA or BS) - $150
Performance Based Bonus'- determined at the end of the summer
To Camp Travel Allowance - based on the distance you travel ($75-225)
Completion of Contract - All staff get $200 at the completion of your contract (based on a full term).
Certification Reimbursement - 1st Aid, CPR, Lifeguard Training, Wilderness First Aid (based on your job description)

What's included for Foley Staff?

Room & Board - Living in the cabins with campers, no charge for rent, utilities, parking, internet. Valued at $30/day (including food).
Meals & Snacks - 3 meals a day, and one snack from our camp store (candy or ice-cream).
Laundry - washers and dryers are available free of charge.
Flexibility - We understand that school schedules and classes are being changed due to COVID-19. There are options for working full time AND completing online school. Please reach out to us individually to begin that conversation.

What sorts of things can I add to my resume after working at Camp Foley?

"Moderately Good at a lot of Stuff" - Our staff try their hand at everything from group management to supervision during emergencies to cleaning, landscaping and food service. By the end of the summer we like to think you will have become semi to mostly proficient in a lot of stuff.
Specific Skills - Being part of a team in a work environment (every day), planning and carrying out events for 200+ people (campfires, all camp games, special events), strong communication skills (both with co-workers as well as to parents via written letters), teaching and lesson planning, flexibility and more!

Can I complete an internship at Camp Foley?

Yes! Lots of staff have completed internships for education, recreation, psychology and other degrees. If you are interested in finding out more about how to do this, email Alli and talk to your college advisors. More and more schools are open to conversations about how to make this work for their program.

Want to connect directly with Alli Faricy, Director and Staff Coordinator?

Feel free to email her or use WhatsApp to connect with her in real time.